I Laughed When They Walked On Stage Holding Guitars Bigger Than Themselves. What Happens Next? WOW!

A few seconds into this video, you’ll see a group of children take the stage in North Korea to display their abundant talents on the guitar.

These five players can finger-pick like a professional and have gotten the Spanish-style down to an art.

Although these little boys and girls can hardly wrap their arms around the instruments, they don’t slow down and play in perfect time with each other. Some adult musicians can’t even do that properly.
Another amazing part of the performance is the kids’ ability to play with dynamic changes – going from soft to LOUD without hesitation or it sounding forced.

Is there any question why this video has gotten more than 42 million views?

“I couldn’t even tie my shoes their age,” an impressed commenter wrote.
“Adorable!” another person shared.
“I didn’t knew that guitars could play by themselves! Or did you see anybody play them?” Thi J joked about the small kids.
[Source: Youtube]

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