For All The Years I’ve Been Alive, I Had No Idea THIS Is The Reason For The Extra Shoelace Hole…

You know that extra shoelace hole at the top of your hiking and running shoes? Turns out it’s not just there for no reason, but actually serves a pretty important purpose that almost nobody knew about, likely including yourself. But don’t worry, you won’t be perplexed for long – for today is the day that you learn a trick that will change the way you tie your shoes forever!

By using those holes to create loops and then lacing your shoelaces through those loops, your feet will instantly stop sliding around and stay firmly in place. To learn this awesome trick for yourself, read on.

Many, many people get discouraged from running and other physical activities because of foot ailments. Typically this is not due to the exercise itself, but rather a result of poorly-fitting shoes. The slipping and sliding that your feet will experience with loose shoes can lead to blistering, foot aches and just generally discomfort.

You’ll never have to worry about your feet sliding around again with this simple tip. Start out the “lace lock” by running your shoelace through the extra holes on each side. This will form a small loop, and make sure that it doesn’t get pulled tight.

Once you have loops on both sides, cross your laces and insert them into the loops on both sides. Now it’s time to pull those tight, but make sure to pull down and not up to make sure the laces are as tight as possible.

Now just lace your shoes as you normally would and the “lace lock” is complete! Make sure to share this with all your active friends on Facebook so nobody has to deal with annoying foot blisters ever again!

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