Horse Is Absolutely Terrified Of Humans. Now Watch When This 10-Year-Old Leans In Close...

 Regardless if they are wild or domesticated, animals always share a special connection with kids.
10-year-old Ella is proof. Last year, she managed to tame a wild white Mustang that was caught running on the freeway.
According to reports, the horse was brought to the Total Equestrian Experience in Chatswood and was named Dixie. Her trainer, Ashley Shrader, said it was a challenge to raise Dixie. She wasn’t use to human interaction, and every time she tried to ride her, Dixie would do a rodeo-style routine to try and throw her off.
“You’d walk up to a stall, and she would just stand at the very back of it,” she said. “She wouldn’t come up to you at all.”
So when Jen Fox decided to adopt the horse for her daughter Ella, she took a huge risk. There was a chance Dixie would not take to Ella at all.
“What did I do? Was she a money pit? I don’t know,” she recalled that moment.
 But when Dixie and Ella met for the very first time, a certain connection instantly formed. It took a while for this connection to grow and develop, but it was very promising.
At first, Ella had a hard time breaking through Dixie’s barrier. She shared, “She wouldn’t walk with me or she would try and like bite me sometimes.”
But this brave little girl is determined. She never gave up on Dixie. Now, they are the best of friends. “We have a unique connection. I think she likes me a lot,” said Ella.
Just recently, the partners in crime joined their first every competition. And surprisingly, they finished fourth.
Pleased with the result, Ella said, “She got a lot of carrots and a lot of hugs. And even though she couldn’t respond, I thanked her, and I congratulated her.”
This little girl’s determination to bring out the good in her new friends inspires all the rest to never give up even if we have to go through hard times. Hopefully, we can all learn from her story.
“When they first saw each other, it was instant. Love at first sight. And I think that she knew that Ella was there for her and was going to take care of her. Ella has gotten a great deal of strength and confidence from her.”
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