Holly Willoughby Goes On Furious Rant At 'Britain's Most Shameless Mum'

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Holly Willoughby saw red on Tuesday’s episode of This Morning, when a mum-of-12 used the show to try and find a donor for baby number 13.
The self confessed ‘baby addict’ Cheryl Prudhum claimed that she didn’t care if people consider her a ‘scrounger’ for having children in order to continue her £40,000-a-year benefits, leading to her being labelled ‘Britain’s most shameless mum’.
Willoughby wasn’t impressed with Prudhum, berating the woman for her selfishness, The Mirror reports.
 She ranted:
             [I] would really struggle to sleep at night if I was taking all this money and somebody at the end of the road who had disability allowance that was being cut, or they might have a young carer that looks after them, who was a young child, who was 14, who hasn’t got the money and the family and then couldn’t go on and get the education and missing out on their life.
I know you’re not silly. You know that is the reality, so how can you sleep at night knowing… You know how important your kids are to you.
That person with a young carer, their child is equally important to them, but they haven’t got that money, because where is it going? Into your pocket.
Cheryl wasn’t listening though, telling Holly and Phillip Schofield that she only thinks ‘about my kids, my family and that’s it’.
Currently, Cheryl works 16 hours a week as it allows her to avoid the government’s £26,000 benefits cap that’s been imposed on families. However, she claims she’s not financially motivated and admitted she’s ‘addicted’ to having babies which is why she wants her 13th child.
The frustrated presenters then finished the interview with Cheryl, who moaned about the press following her around, and Phil got in one last jab, adding: “Good luck playing the system.” Burn.

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