His Instructor Says "Break It," But What The Little Boy Does Instead Has The Room Cracking Up

A taekwondo instructor from Peak Taekwondo in Temecula, California, laid out a wooden board for his student to break. The little boy was just one last step away from earning the coveted white belt. In the beginning, the instructor demonstrates what the boy needs to do. By using the proper technique, the little boy can break the board with just one leg stomp. The instructor then yells, “Ready, go!” But what the little boy does instead has the entire room cracking up. He’s adorable!
The little boy first jumps onto the board with both feet. While his fellow students started to laugh, the little boy didn’t give up. He next tried to break the board with his hands. Following that, he knocks the board off the platform. My heart melted watching him try over and over again to break the board in his own fashion.
This video has gone viral on YouTube and has been seen by over 3 million people. It’s one of the cutest videos ever!
[Source: Youtube]

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