He's Having A Terrible Day At Work. Then He Sees THIS Outside His Truck Window...

He doesn’t look like the kind of guy that would necessarily do this. He looks like the everyday kind of guy that you wouldn’t think twice about doing something extraordinarily kind. Quintin Conway went live on Facebook to share something unconventional in so many ways, and it will break your heart in the best way.
Conway was having a horrible day. He was in a terrible mood and recounts the moment he saw this odd woman. He was loading up his truck outside the store and was driving out of the parking lot when he saw her. She was an older woman sitting in her car reading, but she was completely bald. “I don’t know her, but if you’re a woman sitting in a car reading bald, your life probably has probably got some stuff going on,” he said. Despite his cranky mood and his horrible morning, something compelled him to turn around and do one thing to brighten up this woman’s day. Listen to his story yourself to find out what he did.
He offers this piece of advice to his audience: “Perspective is important. Your life can be a lot of different ways, so make someone smile today.”
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