He Wants To Bring "Old Music" Back, But Everyone's SHOCKED When He Does THIS

Sal Valentinetti sure does not look like he has a voice that could win a crowd over. Speaking with an almost comically stereotypical New Yorker accent, the 20-year-old pizza delivery man asks, “Hey Heidi Klum, how you doin’?” What a way to start your auditions for America’s Got Talent. When he opens his mouth to perform, he makes it very clear why he’s so confident.
Valentinetti has the crushed-velvet vocal qualities necessary to successfully perform a classic Frank Sinatra tune. And he does. Marvelously. Seriously, it’s a complete 180 degree turnaround from his Long Island, tough guy attitude into this modern-day Sinatra persona. Watch him perform “My Way” by Frank Sinatra in the video below and prepare to be amazed.
[Source: Youtube]

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