He Spots A Group Of Wild Horses. When He Gets Close, The Unthinkable Happens

Imagine taking a walk outside, and then being greeted by kind, majestic creatures. While this sounds like a classic fairytale or a fantasy, it turns out it’s a possibility. One man was exploring the beautiful outdoors in Iceland when he encountered an unexpected situation.
He saw a herd of horses and took out his camera to capture their beauty. Only, he never expected them to get really close to him.
Naturally, he was awestruck by the sight. In the footage below, you can see these horses approach him. They are curious and intrigued by the man, but they are incredibly friendly.
In fact, they seem delighted to have a visitor, a rare occasion for these wild horses. Just look at how beautiful they are – they’re manes gracefully move in the breeze. It’s surely a sight to behold!
Watch the video below to marvel at these gorgeous beings.
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