He Plays Music While Watering His Backyard. Now Watch When He Turns Around... HILARIOUS!

Sometimes, you just have to dance. Nathan Swift is the assistant manager at an English pub in Thame called The James Figg. In a recent video, Nathan has shown that he can really break it down when Justin Timberlake starts singing.
Throwing his worries in the air as he dances around watering his plants, Nathan was already giving his neighborhood an award winning performance before the video was released for the world to see.
Dressed in nothing but a pair of boxers and a baseball cap, Nathan proved on video that at the end of the day,  being able to have fun with yourself is more important than worrying about what others may think or say about you.
Clearly, Nathan was confident enough with himself and his dance moves to share this video, where it has now made its way all over the world. In fact, the video has received very positive feedback, and people cannot get enough of Nathan’s dance moves.
Next time you are worried about somebody judging you, think back to Nathan and remember that at the end of the day, enjoying life and being happy with yourself is all that really matters.
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