He Lines Up 66,000 Cups Of Water. The End Result? This Totally Knocked Me Off My Feet.

Art can take many forms, but is not always easy to understand. The foundation, for example, for this incredible work of art is 66,000 cups of variously colored water.

Although it appears pointless at first, the end result is absolutely impressive. I had no idea what to expect when Belo, the artist that led this work began lining up cups side by side in a large room. By the end of the process however, he had certainly taken my breath away.

Belo created this project in order to raise public awareness on global water shortage. The 66,000 cups of colored rain water symbolize the levels of contaminants found in the water in large parts of our planet.

All cups that were used are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. 100 volunteers helped and all in all it took 62 hours to complete the job. If they had been lined up in a single line, the cups would have extended for 5,2 kilometers. See how amazing this is for yourself.
[Source: Youtube]

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