He Hears Whimpers And Cries Coming From A Hole. Then He Takes A Closer Look And Sees It

 Simon of the Wildlife Aid Foundation will do anything he can to help animals in need. He’s proven this time and time again. Recently, he rescued a scared fox cub that was trapped in a hole.
 It was 1 in the morning when he received a call about a baby fox that fell into a hole between buildings near a children’s hospital. The cub was making very loud noises, and the kids could no longer go back to sleep.
While the baby fox was crying, its mother was roaming around the vicinity, looking for ways to rescue her beloved baby.
 Thankfully, Simon arrived in the nick of time. He immediately descended into the hole to rescue the poor cub. Although the little baby seemed really frightened at first, he was able to gain its trust.
Without hesitation, Simon set free the baby fox. See the touching reunion of the baby and mother fox in the video below.
[Source: Youtube]

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