He Dives to the Bottom Of The World's Deepest Salt Water Blue Hole, And It's Terrifying

Dauntless freediver Guillaume Néry recently did a dive in "Dean's Blue Hole," a 202 meter (663 ft.) deep blue hole, just off the coast of Long Island, Bahamas.
A "blue hole" is an underwater sinkhole, and this one just so happens to be the deepest known salter water blue hole in the world. At its surface, it has a diameter of roughly 25 to 35 meters (82–115 ft) - at its floor, the diameter expands to a whopping 100 metres (330 ft), almost quadrupling in size. Suffice it to say, not many people have the courage to come near it, let alone dive to its ominous bottom.

What's that? You're going diving in the world's deepest, most terrifying underwater sinkhole?

[Source: Youtube]

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