HBO Confirm Exactly Who Jon Snow's Real Parents Are

Spoilers For Season Six Game of Thrones!

Game of Thrones fan’s were vindicated this weekend when Jon Snow’s birth parents were finally revealed. 

Well technically the episode revealed that Ned wasn’t the father, instead it was Lyanna who gave birth to Jon leading many to believe that Rhaegar Targaryen is his father.

It wasn’t confirmed in the episode, but he’s basically the only candidate that makes sense, and HBO have revealed via info-graphic that he is the baby-daddy.

 How will this effect the future of the Seven Kingdom’s? Daenerys is coming to take her throne back and Jon’s potentially a threat to that, especially if Rhaegar married Lyanna.

However Rhaegar was married during Robert’s Rebellion, which technically means that Jon’s still a bastard maybe not a Snow? Maybe a Sand or a Waters? Although to be honest Targaryen bastards have always been a little bit confusing.

In the books one of Daenerys’ ancestors had a bastard called Daemon Blackfyre who battled for the throne after his father died, despite the line of succession being pretty clear that he wasn’t the rightful heir.

Last time this happened the Dragons were pretty much wiped out in ‘The Dance of the Dragons’ so could Jon undo all Dany’s good work?

They’re going to need the Westerosi equivalent of Jeremy Kyle to sort this out!

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