Guy Who Floored Justin Bieber Speaks Out For The First Time

Another day, another example of how Justin Bieber’s life is imploding.

Just last week, the 22-year-old pop star, heartthrob of countless teenage girls, and perpetual prick decided to throw his weight around and attack a six foot giant who looked like he could absolutely rip him apart – and he did, big time.

According to the Daily Mail, the man named as Lamont Richard, asked Bieber for an autograph when, out of nowhere, Bieber launched a right hook at him.
[Source: Youtube]
In the footage, obtained by TMZ, Lamont dodged the hook and floored Bieber.

However, despite Bieber clearly starting the fight for absolutely no reason whatsoever, the Herculean brute who wiped Bieber to the floor was the one who lost his job.

Lamont Richard claims that his boss laid him off because his place of work was receiving a shit-ton of threats and abuse from angry Bieber fans across the globe.

As soon as his employers saw the video that swept the Internet within hours, they called him and told him not to go to the job he had held for two years any more as they didn’t want the bad publicity.
 He said:

I don’t know what to do. It wasn’t me that started it, but Justin Bieber still has work. He can feed his family, I can’t. Next stop for me is McDonald’s or Wendy’s. I have to eat.

Lamont has also been forced off social media after being subjected to an innumerable amount of online bullying from those lovely ‘Beliebers’ – deleting both his Facebook and Instagram accounts.
He added:

I had no idea they were so powerful. I started getting emails, phone calls, Facebook, Instagram messages, everything. I was overwhelmed, Facebook said no more.

But the best part is, he apparently said that if he was in the same situation he’d do the same thing all over again.
Let’s hope somebody has some sense and gives this guy a job!

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