Gogglebox's Steph And Dom Post Wedding Pics And They're Incredible

 For a programme about people on TV watching TV Gogglebox has done extremely well, and introduced the people of Britain to a variety of weird and wonderful characters.
Yet despite the country falling in love with all the families on the show, no couple have captured the hearts and minds of the British people like boozy poshos,  Steph and Dom.
 The couple, who sit hand in hand, drink in the other watching crap from their luxury B&B in Kent, have become fan favourites even managing to survive an encounter with Nigel Farage.
Now the duo have shared pictures from their wedding 18 years ago on Twitter and you’ll probably struggle to recognise them.
Check out Dom’s amazing velvet jacket…
 Not to be outdone Steph’s seemingly drawn inspiration from a supervillain, look at that collar…
 Dom was quite the looker…
 Don’t they look happy!
Twitter of course loved it…

No word on whether Gogglebox will be getting another series but with the love Steph and Dom get, it seems likely!

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