Girl Ditches Boyfriend For Ride In Private Jet, Receives Instant Karma

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Internet pranksters can be an annoying breed, but every now and then they find a victim that is more than deserving of a dose of karma.

Cue Coby Persin’s latest effort which sees a shameless gold digger left dejected on the tarmac of a private airport.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Persin approaches the disinterested woman at a train station. She even tells him she has a boyfriend, but her mood changes fast once she is led to believe a trip on a private jet is on the cards.

 With barely a second thought the woman jumps in the back of his car to head to the jet, and be whisked away to Miami.

She then just has to break plans with her fella – which she does over the phone by pretending she is sick. Classy.

Persin then asks her to step out of the plane to get a snap of him as his phone has died.

And then he drops the bombshell – she is going nowhere.

The video has been viewed over 400,000 times, and some commenters have tried to defend the girl, arguing that anyone would be mad to refuse a once in a lifetime trip on a private jet.

Fair point – but then why lie about it? If it’s an offer too good to refuse, surely her man would have understood?

Oh well, karma is a bitch…

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