She Went Out To Film What Was Coming To Shore, When It Jumped Out Of The Water Everything Changed

Most everyone agrees that sea otters look cute and cuddly from a distance - but what happens when you meet them up close and personal? One group of beachgoers found out when an inquisitive little otter swam up to them without hesitation.

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The group first spotted the sea otter playing in the water by itself off in the distance, but when they entered the water too, the playful decided to investigate. He swam up to the group of humans and singled out one person in particular - this man was going to be his new best friend! Without a care in the world, the sea otter sniffed nibbled and played around the legs of the man.

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The otter spent several minutes playing with, getting rubs from and inspecting his new friend. He sure smelled different! But just as fast as the adorable otter came, he left without a single wave goodbye. Animals understand more than humans give them credit for, and instead of being frightened or trying to exploit the curious sea otter, this group did the right thing by letting him swim around them, and leave their space, in peace!

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