Fart Spray Is No Longer Just Funny: It's A Necessity For The U.S. Military

Farts are a very important part of society. Namely, they're funny to hear and a gas to joke about. But (pun intended), farts are also just a necessary release. You probably enjoy the scent of your stank anyhow. Let's get back to the former, in the fact that farts are funny. That's where fart-entrepreneur Allen Wittman comes into the picture. He hated his job, so he quit it to make the putrid stench of our bums into a sellable prank-product of poo proportions.

Wittman, alongside his backside confidant, works from the aptly named "Ass Factory" creating a product that has become known as Liquid Ass
 Apparently, there's a big market for people who want to spritz a little stinky stuff into a room and watch as the nostrils of naysayers begin to quiver with suspicion. That's all Wittman and his fart-friend wanted to contribute to: making some green off the "green gas," so to speak.

But, here's where their smelly sentiment of humorously gaseous outbursts takes a turn toward, of all places, the military.

 If you're not in the medical field or haven't been in the middle of combat trying to keep your fellow soldier's body from bleeding out, you probably aren't aware of just how badly that the deteriorating of the inside of a human body can be. Enter, Liquid Ass.

These two fartists, if you will, are now not only selling faux-gut bombs for pranksters to let loose on unsuspecting sniffers, they're also working with companies that train our military.

Because, well, the only way to recreate the aforementioned horrid scene of combat, is to subject the troops in training to some seriously stinky stuff. Liquid Ass is the tool that is preparing our troops for battle, and for that, we must thank the men who work so diligently from the "Ass Factory."
You can watch the entire Great Big Story right here to see how these two fart connoisseurs have revolutionized the industry of foul smells.

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