Fans React To 'Best Ever' Episode Of Game Of Thrones

SPOILER ALERT! If you've not watched episode nine and you don't want to know what happened, abort!!! I'm about to tell you EVERYTHING!


All gone...? Good.

Firstly, Rickon died tonight. He got shot by an arrow in one of Ramsay Bolton's sick little games.... Oh, sorry... you don't care. Nah, me neither.

The biggest surprise is that Ser Davos is still with us. I was adamant that he was going to perish, like all the good guys do. Only... he's still here! Top lad!

Ramsay finally got his comeuppance, which is something we definitely predicted. His death was also as nasty as expected. He was eaten by his own mastiffs. Let's be honest, he was never going to go peacefully! And it was Sansa, with a little help from Littlefinger and his/Robin Arryn's army from the Eyrie, that saved Jon Snow and his merry men from certain demise. Again, something we predicted.

It appears Game of Thrones is, all of a sudden, becoming predictable. But let's not speak too soon, we've got one more episode left...
Credit: HBO

Meanwhile, Dany makes a 'pact' with the masters on Slaver's Bay - and by pact we mean she tells them exactly what she wants from them - the Dothraki mutilate a few Sons of the Harpy and Yara Greyjoy and Dany get on well, agreeing to help each other out.

But perhaps the most traumatic part of the episode is the sacrificial actions of giant Wun Wun, the last of his kind, who, similar to everyone's favourite gentle giant Hodor, dies for the greater good. Desperate to help Jon Snow and the free-folk take back Winterfell for the Starks, he takes arrow after spear after arrow after spear to smash down the gates and let the Wildlings in to defeat Ramsay.


When Ramsay put that final arrow into Wun Wun's eye, Twitter pretty much went into mourning.

He smashed through the doors of Winterfell and collapsed in the courtyard after a Bolton battering. I'm welling up here! "The fuck you looking at?"

Ramsay's dead, as predicted. My favourite character has died. Now I'm rooting for Littlefinger to claim the Iron Throne. Haters gonna hate.

Get ready for our episode 10 predictions. If they're as accurate as our episode nine efforts, the 69-minute season finale should be pretty spectacular. 

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