Ellen Gives Her A Brand New Pair Of Boots, But It's What's Inside That Moved Her To Tears

Kelly McGuire was leaving a Chicago Bears game when she noticed a homeless woman holding a sign that said she was looking for winter clothes and boots. While many of us would walk by the homeless woman, something about the woman touched a part of Kelly. She took off her own winter boots and gave them to the woman who was shivering in the freezing Chicago streets.
When you look at Kelly’s life, you will notice that she has a history of giving back to the community and others in need. Not only does she bake cookies for her local fire department, she also gives veggie trays to doctors working on Christmas Eve. Moreover, on Valentine’s Day, she drops off cards and chocolates for widows at her local church.
When Ellen DeGeneres heard of Kelly and her many acts of kindness, she invited her onto the show as part of her #BeKindToOneAnother initiative. In the video below, Ellen interviews Kelly about her selfless acts of kindness, and she surprises her with the gift of a lifetime at the end.
Not only did Ellen give Kelly a new pair of shoes, but inside each shoe was $10,000. Ellen informs Kelly that she can keep one of the $10,000 stacks, but the other should be given out to 10 different friends so that they can start their own “Pay It Forward” campaigns.

[Source: Youtube]

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