Dude Gives Mexican Men a Donald Trump Flyer, Ends Real Bad

To some he’s the ultimate outsider who will make America great again, but to others he’s the worst thing that has ever happened in politics and many even consider him a bigot and racist.

Much of the negativity leveled at Donald Trump is due to his own tone and his outrageous plans to build a massive wall as a solution to the immigration problem. As a result, there are a whole lot of Mexican men and woman who utterly despise the candidate. Here we have an example of such. We have some die hard Donald Trump supporters who are campaigning for their candidate by handing out flyers. They have the brilliant idea of handing some out to a group of Mexican men who are standing on a street corner. You can almost guess how this is going to go down!

It’s actually worse than you would expect! Check out how utterly bad this turns out:

[Source: Youtube]

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