Drunk Idiot Jumps Into Lion Enclosure To Get A Handshake

Astonishing moment drunk man jumps into lion enclosure and comes within inches of the beast as he tries to ‘shake hands’ with them and miraculously survives.

 Mukesh Kumar, 35, inexplicably leapt into a moat surrounding the enclosure while visiting Nehru Zoo Park in Hyderabad in southern India with friends.

 The clip shows the drunk visitor jumping into the moat, located 12 feet beneath the viewing platform. His sudden leap and the loud noise of the splash creates havoc among the visitors. He starts wading towards the big cat who are waiting for him at the shore, as onlookers scream in horror.

The lions can be seen inching ever closer to the man, as horrified bystanders yelp and even throw stones in the water in an attempt to scare the beasts off. Eye-witnesses and police say he then began requesting the lions shake hands with him.

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[Source: Youtube]

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