Dog Hears Footsteps Outside The Door. Now Watch Who Walks In The Door...

Ever wonder why dogs seem so happy when you come home? Their brains aren’t able to grasp abstract concepts, so when you leave, it’s as if you’re going to be gone forever. By comparison when you come home, it’s like the sun shining through a dark, stormy day, but you know…about a million times better. So what about happens when you leave for months at a time to serve your country abroad? A long absence like that would break any pooch’s heart, but for some lucky soldiers they eventually get to come home to fluffy kisses and tail wags galore.
The dogs in this video are clearly overcome with joy when they realize just who it is that walked through the door. Sometimes it takes them a while to remember the camo-clad man or woman in the room. Sometimes it doesn’t. But it always ends the same. Grab your tissues and prepare yourself for five whole minutes of heartwarming doggy reunions.

[Source: Youtube]
[Source: FunnyClix ]

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