Dog Busts Out A Dance Move Before Getting A Treat. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Baby's Reaction

Two of the most adorable things in the entire world are babies and dogs. Not only are they cute, but they are also sweet, innocent, and loving. Put these two together, and you have the ultimate combination for a cuteness overload.
In the video below, we see a little baby named Rocco spending quality time with his white, fluffy dog named Chopper. The two are about the same size, and it’s clear from the start they are best friends.
Mom holds the video camera and records the two together. Chopper starts to break out a few dance moves – it’s obvious he’s excited for his treatMeanwhile, Rocco watches in adoration and amazement. He can’t help but feel entertained, and he starts to laugh out loud when Chopper starts dancing. Rocco’s giggling is infectious, and just seconds into this video, even I can’t help but laugh along with the adorable baby.
[Source: Youtube]

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