Divers Record A Male Seahorse Giving Birth. Pay Attention To His Stomach...

The miracle of birth is one of the greatest wonders of life. It’s a beautiful process that introduces new life into this world. It’s the main mechanism behind the evolution of the world!
In the video below, divers off of the Little Beach in Nelson Bay, Australia, captured a rare birth on camera. They sound encountered a male White’s seahorse about to give birth in the wild, and they immediately took out out their cameras and started recording.
While it might sound weird, a seahorse (especially a male!) giving birth is one of the most magnificent things to see. Seahorses are one of the only species in the world where the males carry the babies. The female will deposit her eggs into the male seahorse, who will then carry them in a pouch for up to 45 days. Once ready, the babies will emerge from a father’s pouch roughly 45 days later.
I am stunned by this wonderful event, and I am so glad that the divers managed to catch everything on camera!

[Source: Youtube]

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