Diver Tom Daley Admits Incredibly Puzzling Handicap In The Pool

Great British and Olympic diving medalist Tom Daley has made an incredibly peculiar admission via YouTube.

Daley, who has previously used social media to bravely open up about his sexuality, has left fans rather puzzled with this confession.

You see, the 22-year-old who spends most of his time visitng swimming pools for training and competition can’t actually swim…
[Source: Youtube]
He says:

I spend most of my time in or under the water so it’s a fair assumption. But here’s my revelation: I’m a terrible swimmer.

That’s right, even though I’ve been diving for 15 years I still think it’s absolutely miraculous that people can stay on top of the water…

If you see me in a swimming pool instead of a diving pool, I’ll probably be struggling, so please kindly guide me to the diving boards.
Seriously?! Who would sign their child up for diving lessons without first teaching them to swim?

Well it has hardly done him too much harm.

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