She Can Transform Into Any Disney Princess. But When She Takes Off The Makeup? I Can’t Believe It!

Disney princesses are some of the most iconic figures in modern pop culture. Every little girl remembers her favorite childhood princess, the one whose personality, story, and physical features we wished we could embody ourselves.

One makeup artist decided to turn dreams into reality, and you really have to see how she did it.

With remarkable skill, this 21-year-old artist brings Disney’s beloved animated princesses to life.

Each princess’s unique style is taken into account using a detailed combination of hair, makeup, and costumes.

Each  on is simply uncanny… but what makes the transformations even more impressive is the artist’s real identity underneath all that makeup.

Because ‘she’… is actually a ‘he’.

The talented designer behind these Disney princesses is actually Richard Schaefer, a freelance makeup artist from Orange County, California. Richard has been dressing up as Disney characters for the last four years.

In school, people always used to tease him and say that he looked like a girl.

So, he decided to take control of those negative comments and use them for something positive instead. 

To take his mind off being bullied, he also taught himself to sew and make his own clothes.

All the costumes he wears as the Disney princesses are items he made himself.

Each transformation takes him about two and half hours from start to finish.

Richard says that dressing up has made him feel more confident as a person.

Now, his newfound self-esteem and love for his craft shine through in every character he puts on.

With a huge following of admirers from around the world, this talented artist is capturing the hearts of thousands… just like the Disney princesses he portrays.

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