Dad's Trying To Workout, But His Baby Girl Wants To Join. His Next Move Will Melt Your Heart

A video of a California father playing with his daughter is taking the internet by storm. In a beautiful display of affection, the video shows a father doing push-ups while delicately kissing the face of his baby daughter as she lays underneath him. This father proves that it is possible to stay fit while maintaining an amazing relationship with your children.
The most heartwarming aspect of this video is the amazing reaction the man’s daughter has as he kisses her face. The baby girl is seen kicking and flailing with joy as she giggles underneath her loving father.
While the baby lays there thinking she is just playing a game with her dad, he is getting in a nice workout at the same time.
Videos like this one show us how sometimes, thinking outside of the box can result in finding new ways to interact with children.
Even though this father cannot do push-ups next to his daughter (at least not yet), he has found a way to incorporate his baby into a part of his day that normally would not involve her. This father shows us how it is possible to integrate young children in activities previously not considered, such as exercising.
Videos like this one are a shining example of how easily love can be expressed, and how much joy this expression of love can bring into a person’s life.
This amazing experience between a father and his daughter reminds us of how important expressing our love towards the people we care about can be. Something as simple as a kiss on the cheek can have a positive impact on a person, even if they are still in diapers!
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