Dad Replicates His Daughter's Selfies In Awesome Style

I'm not a fan of selfies and I'll tell you that for free. My first phone was a Nokia 8310 and, in those days, that made me a fucking legend while everyone was playing an older version of Snake on their 3210s.

That phone also used to belong to Marlon Harewood, which, as a lad from Nottingham, made me a double legend. If you haven't heard of him, I'm not particularly surprised, but suffice it to say that if he played for England last night we may well have won that match.

Anyway, these phones bloody worked and you never thought about turning the camera round and pouting and putting that picture up for the world to see, with the chorus of: 'you look gorgs gal xxx' or 'stunning babes' ringing from every corner of the Internet.

I'm 28.

So what must dads think when they see their selfie-obsessed daughters parading their duck face like there's no tomorrow?

Well, this DadLAD decided to emulate his daughter's selfies. Cassie takes it in good spirit, and DadLAD rocks it pretty well, too.

Here he is with the shirt rolled up, pen tat and quacking face in full motion. Actually, he's pulling it off better than Cassie. 
And then there the natural look, with a crown of leaves and again, a good replica tattoo penned on. 

This is the best way to embrace the world of the selfie. 

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