Watch This Dad’s Hilarious Attempt At Changing His Baby Daughter’s Diapers

This video of a dad trying to change his baby’s diaper is proof enough that parenting is never easy.


The 29-year-old Brendan Anders is seen lying his daughter, Olive, on to a changing mat as he gears up to get her cleaned. Clearly, you can see this dad is affected by the smell of the room as he gags each time he gets near his daughter.

His struggle continues, but he managed to get one leg of the baby to lift up, before needing a break. He then moves to the middle of the room and tries to gasp some fresh air. This sh*t is hard guys.


He then gets encouraged by his wife saying, come on, you’re half way there,” as he managed to lift Olive’s other leg, but soon enough he needs a break again.

Just another reason to never have children ever.


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[Source: Youtube]

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