Couple Adopts A 9-Year-old Orphan, But Then They Learn The Horrifying Truth About Her Upbringing

Bernie and Diane are a loving couple with a beautiful family of five boys. They thoroughly enjoyed raising their sons, but when all of them were grown up, they felt that their life was missing something. While they liked their newfound freedom and relaxation, they couldn’t help but feel unsatisfied with their lives.
That’s when the couple decided to adopt a child, a daughter in particular. They attended a local adoption event, and there, Diane noticed a black-and-white photo on the bulletin board. She was instantly drawn to the girl in the photo and her dark, captivating eyes. Right then and there, Diane knew that she was meant to be her adopted daughter.
As Bernie and Diane inquired more about the girl in the photo, they began to realize the startling truth. The team at the adoption center repeatedly tried to convince the couple to adopt someone else. The girl in the photo had a history of problems, and some caseworkers went as far to say that “there [was] something wrong with her.”
Despite these warnings, Bernie and Dana were unfazed. They were determined to find out what was wrong with the girl for themselves, but nothing could prepare them for the shocking truth.
Their investigations brought them to the truth. In 2007, the girl in photo – whose name is Danielle – was found inside a home in Florida. She had never been outside before, and she could not speak or respond to others. She had very little (if any) human contact in her life. To make matters worse, Danielle couldn’t eat solid foods at all.
One detective went as far as to say that this was “the worst case of child neglect [he had] ever come across in [his] career.”
But what happened next is absolutely unbelievable. Watch the video to find out what happened.
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