Cop Is Eating At A Chili's When Teen Hands Him A Folded Napkin And Walks Away. Then He Opens It...

 The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department are searching for a teenager and not for the reason you might think. Officer Rance Quinn and a coworker went out to a Chili’s for lunch and were surprised by a teenager approaching them. She laid a napkin on the table and walked away before anyone could say anything to her. It read, “Thanks for keeping us safe.”
KCK Police Department’s Facebook posted further details about what transpired after their meal. When they asked for the check, the wait staff informed the pair that the teenager’s family had settled their bill already. Following that, Quinn and his coworker were approached by a mother and her two young children. Her son was deaf and had always looked up to police officers and really wanted to meet one. The woman herself also possessed an admiration of the police force, but because she was deaf, she was unable to join. The officers happily obliged them, and chatted with the family a while. As they got up to leave, the woman handed them a gift card. She had really wanted to pay for their meal, but the other family had beat her to the punch.

The officers were touched by this tidal wave of kindness and appreciation. Officer Quinn keeps the napkin in his pocket for inspiration. When morale is low and his job starts to get to him, he remembers the napkin. “It’s a good reminder.” The original Facebook post urges people to “please share in hopes that these gestures make it back to the people who did them so they will know just how appreciated and POWERFUL their actions were.” Take a look at the touching message below. It’s often the simplest things that mean the most.
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