China Is Selling 'Breakup Insurance' On Taylor Swift's Love Life

 When it comes to Taylor Swift’s relationships, one minute you’re in and the next minute you’re out.
So what’s the natural next step for someone who’s had more relationships than we care to count? Insurance. Breakup insurance to be exact.
Cashing in on Taylor Swift’s latest ‘unconfirmed’ relationship with actor Tom Hiddleston, several Taobao (the Chinese equivalent to eBay) retailers have started to sell ‘insurance’ to the singer’s fans or anyone else interested in making money off of Tay’s misfortune.
 What exactly does the plan cover? Well, insurance sellers have promised to pay double what buyers pay if the couple were to break up. Which, given Swifty’s track record, is pretty inevitable.
Despite the fact that ‘HiddleSwift’s’ relationship hasn’t yet been confirmed, Chinese web users are already classing them as an item and using it as an excuse to make some money off their relationship.
According to Chinese news agency Xinhua, punters have also started taking bets on the online marketplace to see if the couple will last at least a year with bets starting from 1 yuan (10p).
Basically, if T Swifty breaks up with her alleged new love interest within a year, the buyer will receive double their bet directly paid into their bank account. One seller has said that there have been 543 transactions so far, according to the Daily Mail.
Considering celebrity couples break up like every three seconds, this is a pretty ingenious idea if you want to make some quick cash.
Wondering why this ‘breakup insurance’ isn’t a thing for every famous duo?Xinhua reported that the Taylor Swift insurance is not a one-off, citing that insurance packages for celeb couples such as Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are also available for sale on the site.
The idea is absolutely ridiculous, but it’s also pretty smart. I think it’s pretty safe to say Taylor Swift fans in China will be making a fair bit of money soon.

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