Cat Admires His Reflection In The Pool, But Watch What The Cat On The Right Does... HILARIOUS!

Sometimes, cats seem to enjoy pushing things over, knocking off glasses, silverware, and other precious things off of counters or tables. It’s hard to tell if they do this on purpose or not. Maybe their curiosity just gets the best of them.
But the cat featured in the video below definitely has an agenda. I mean, how could he not? He sees his younger brother sitting near a pool, enjoying the sun and cool water. Like any big brother, this cat decides to have some fun.
Big brother sneaks up behind the cat by the pool. While he doesn’t necessarily push the cat into the pool, he does enough to force the younger cat into the pool. It’s a devious prank that was caught on camera!
Did this naughty cat pushed his brother on purpose? Take a closer look at the video below.

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