Brutal Head Cam Footage Captures Moment Cyclist Crashes Into Bear

Dramatic helmet-cam footage has emerged of the moment a guy crashed into an actual bear while downhill mountain biking.

Davis Souza was minding his own business, happily biking down the Mills Peak trail near Lake Tahoe in California when the head on collision took place, reports Mashable.

Fortunately for us, Davis was wearing a helmet cam and captured the incident on film. 

In the video, which Davis posted to Instagram, he speeds round a corner into a shaded area, where – to be fair – the small bear is actually pretty difficult to see.

Before he has time to react, Davis T-bones the bear, flips over his handlebars and lands on the rocky path. You then hear him shout “What the fuck!” – an understandable reaction – before getting back to his feet, obviously in quite a lot of pain. 
As he looks back up the trail the, presumably slightly concussed, bear is nowhere to be seen. Davis’ friends then catch up to him, at which point he tells them: “That was a bear.”

Davis wrote:

The bear came out of nowhere and was gone before I could ask if it was alright or anything… 

The bear has been unavailable for comment.

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