Britain's 'Sexiest Police Officers' Selfie Is Turning People Into Criminals

 While we may be getting used to viral photos of hot felons – i.e prison bae and hot mugshot guy – now our attraction may be getting a little less fatal, with Britain’s ‘sexiest police officers’ spreading like wild fire across the internet.

Meet PC Daryl Jones and Sergeant Kayleigh Webster. Two high-flying cops protecting the fine people of Essex. But when the duo took time out of their day to promote safe driving, and took a selfie of themselves doing so well, they became models, reports the Mirror.

Posted onto the Essex Police Facebook page, the photo quickly started to spread, attracting comments such as, ‘I’d love to be arrested by him’ and the classic, ‘So we need to go Southend for a night out and drink irresponsibly so PC Jones can put me in cuffs’. Yep, that happened.
 But Daryl wasn’t the only officer to get those eyelashes fluttering, as Kayleigh also got her fair share of creepy affectionate messages such as the age old, ‘she could [take] my details any day’. Oh dear…
Within hours the innocent Facebook post had attracted hundreds of likes and comments almost entirely coming from men and women with a taste for a lover in uniform.

 Although I have to say – it’s kinda ironic how these police officers are turning pretty much everybody into rampant and lustful individuals desperate to get arrested.

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