Brexit Has Pushed Thousands Of Londoners To Take This Extreme Action

 A petition calling for London to declare itself an independent state following the Brexit vote has now been signed by nearly 30,000 people.

Nearly 60 per cent of people in the capital cast their ballots in favour of remaining in the EU – in contrast to massive parts of the rest of the UK, reports the BBC.

Director of the London School of Economics, Professor Tony Travers, said the vote demonstrated how ‘radically different’ London is from the rest of the country.

 He went on to say he felt it was up to the mayor, Sadiq Khan to decide whether to argue for more power, adding:

Maybe moving more decision making to cities and councils could be a solution to the differences within the country.

The mayor himself said: 

It is crucial that London has a voice at the table during renegotiations [with the EU].

We will continue to look outwards and trade and engage with the entire world, including the European Union.

The petition – which hints that the mayor could take on the new title of ‘President’ has now been signed by more than 27,000 people.

Its organiser James O’Malley, said he was a ‘big EU fan’ and felt the capital was ‘a world city’ which should remain at the heart of Europe.

He also revealed he was ‘astonished’ the petition had taken off but thought it showed he’d ‘touched a nerve’.

And he’s not the only one…

Can we come too?

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