When This Puppy Was Born with a Defect, the Breeder Wanted to Throw Her Away. What Happened Next, Saved Her Life!

When this 4-week-old Neapolitan Mastiff, Willow, was going to be “thrown out” by her breeder, 2nd Chances Rescue raced over to save her. Willow was deemed “defective” because of a congenital condition called Swimmer’s Syndrome. The condition means Willow was unable to stand or walk. Instead, her chest was flat and her legs were splayed out like a turtle “swimming.” These “defective” puppies are often euthanized or abandoned. Watch Willow’s incredible story and witness her miraculous second chance at life. I dare you not to cry.

When Willow’s breeder decided he wanted to get rid of Willow, he posted a message on social media saying he was going to dispose of the puppy. This message reached Jennifer Williams, President at 2nd Chances Rescue in Norco, California, who instantly sprung into action to save Willow.

Willow was in such a severe state that she could not eat or drink. Jenn took Willow to Animal Acuscope Therapist, Gina Gould, who simulated a faux spinal cord for Willow, allowing her to begin her recovery.

Within two days, Willow took her first steps. Within months, she was running and even swimming! Thanks to 2nd Chances Rescue and her acuscope therapy, Willow has made a complete recovery and is living a happy, healthy life.

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