BREAKING: Loch Ness Monster Found Dead

It is with a heavy heart that I must share the sad news of the passing of a great beast, the Loch Ness monster. 

The rotting carcass of the mythical beast was discovered on the banks of the infamous Scottish loch by a dog walker yesterday, The Mirror reports.

The body – which totally isn’t a TV set – was surrounded by police tape and looks an awful lot like the stereotypical description of the creature.

Help2Rehome Scotland posted the images on Facebook today asking: “Has Nessy been found? Or someone playing a fascinating prank?”

Of course, some people aren’t convinced that the mess of bones and organs, which are startlingly well preserved, is actually Nessie’s body.

Social media, naturally, went into meltdown with some saying it looked like ‘a bunch of ribs and white puddings’ while Stephen Welford thought: ‘That is a giraffe body’.

Meanwhile, Help2Rehome Scotland have discredited the idea that Nessie is really dead, saying that it’s just a set for TV show.

Thank the lord, can you imagine what Loch Ness would be like without a fake monster swimming in the lake…

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