BBC Reporters Appear To Call England Team 'Overpaid Nonces' After Euros Exit

Urban Dictionary defines 'Nonce' as the following:

Nonce. (noun). "A person convicted of a sexual offence, especially against a child."

Apparently derived from a prison slang acronym for those inmates who were serving time for sex crimes against children, who were deemed at a greater risk of attack from other prisoners because of the nature of their crimes. Not On Normal Courtyard Exercise.

So with that in mind, the sheer nonchalance of a BBC news reporter branding England's entire 23 man squad as "A bunch of overpaid nonces" is quite a statement. You could level a wide array of insults at these men, but it's a bit much to imply that Wayne Rooney indulges in paedophilia for a few misplaced passes, or to accuse Harry Kane of shagging kids after a series of woeful set pieces.

I'm not sure whether or not the anchors were quite aware of the connotations of the word, but the video is being shared like wildfire on Twitter, and here it is.

I mean, the performance was terrible, diabolical, and frankly unforgivable, but to liken these well paid professional athletes to people who actively engage in sexual activity with children might be a stretch too far. 

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