At First, It Looks Like A Bear. But When The Camera Zooms Out? I Can't Believe What I'm Seeing!

Calvin Nicholls is not your ordinary artist. Rather than using paper as his canvas, Nicholls uses paper to create breathtaking 3-dimensional sculptures that incredibly realistic.
 This Canadian artist’s artwork is not something that happens on a whim. Calvin spends months planning his design in advance. He outlines, traces, and applies the correct layers to ensure that he makes no mistake.
 While it may seem like he’s cutting pieces of paper and gluing them together, there’s far more to Calvin’s artwork. He explains to Nature Artists,
“I want people to be drawn in to explore the work and to consider the medium. Although I have completed pieces in full colour I continue to experiment with the interaction of light and shadow.”
Calvin incorporates shadows and bends light in aways that bring his artwork to life. This is why he meticulously plans each design very carefully.
 Once finished, the artwork Calvin creates will leave you speechless. Take a look at how realistic this bear looks below. It’s amazing how his design is so intricate!
 While Calvin typically works on land creatures, he has recently expanded his artwork to colored fish like the Koi below.
 Calvin has even started a collection called “Paper Zoo” where he creates candid shots of animals like you would see them in nature. Most of these sculptures feature animals in the middle of action!
 While most of his works take several months to complete, his most detailed work takes years.
Feathers and furs are the hardest part of his work as it is very hard to depict realistically.
 When asked about his creative positive, Calvin explains to the Daily Mail,
“I developed my art to the point where I blended many of my passions – wildlife, the natural world, photography, design, model making, sculpture, light and shadow and have managed to indulge all of them.”
At times, he uses pop-out frames, which makes each sculpture look even more realistic.
 An important detail of every one of Calvin’s work is the life-like eyes. They express emotion and convey a special message.

 Isn’t Calvin’s artwork simply breathtaking?
Watch Calvin create a sculpture from start to finish below:
[Source: Youtube]

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