Her Baby Started Crying After Getting Splashed By The Garden Hose. The Reason Why? Shocking

It’s important to stay cool when you’re having fun in the sun. Pool season is upon us and it’s time to bust out the floaties again. As a kid, we didn’t have our own backyard pool. Since my family couldn’t go to the community pool whenever we wanted, we had to improvise. One of my favorite memories as a little kid is splashing around in our makeshift Slip'n Slide. Even hooking up the garden hose to our sprinkler and jumping in and out of the streams was a thrill to my siblings and me. I didn't know then that something so simple could potentially be harmful.

One mom in Arizona is now warning parents across America of the potential danger lurking in their homes. On a particularly hot day in the hottest state in the U.S., Dominique Woodger set up a kiddie pool for her nine-month-old son to cool off in. Soon after getting splashed with water from Woodger’s garden hose, the boy started to cry. “I thought he was crying because he was mad,” Woodger told KNXV. “He hates when he gets sprayed in the face." But, when she went to check on her crying child, she realized something was terribly wrong. His body was blistering red.

What a lot of people don't realize is that the blistering temperatures outside can not only crank up the heat on the sidewalk, but inside our garden hoses as well. On a 115-degree day, the temperature of the water in a garden hose can reach a frightening 150 degrees. At 140 degrees, water can cause third-degree burns. Children under five are at a higher risk for burns due to their skin being much thinner. Just like with bathwater, it is important to check the hose water's temperature yourself before letting your children, or pets, splash around in it.

Despite suffering from second-degree burns, doctors say the little guy should recover just fine. Watch the video below for Woodger's full story.

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