Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio's Sex Life Is Crazier Than You'd Think

 It’s no secret that DiCaprio isn’t too shy when it comes to ‘dating’ the occasional model or so, but even by his books this seems a little bit bizarre.
DiCaprio seems to get through his model ‘flames’ quicker than the majority of us make our beds, but now news has emerged that Leonardo has potentially made a risque and naughty bet that would make even Errol Flynn whimper with envy.
You might want to prepare yourself for this…
According to the most recent issue of The National Enquirer, DiCaprio bet his longtime buddy, Tobey Maguire that he could have sex with six Victoria’s Secret models in a single night, reports The Hollywood Gossip.
But the weirdest part is – he was successful, apparently.
An insider (on DiCaprio’s sex life) said:
He sleeps during the day typically and parties all night.
He figures the girls will be up for twosomes and threesomes to make his goal more practical. It is the talk of Cannes, as everyone knows what he’s up to. Like many famous men before him, Leo seems to have an addiction to more is better.
So yeah – there’s an insight into the mundane and everyday life of Leonardo DiCaprio.
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