Another Actor Defends Depp With More Accusations About Heard

 Actor Benicio del Toro thinks there’s something ‘a little manipulative and twisted’ about Amber Heard in light of her abusive accusations against Johnny Depp.
The actor came out in support of Depp, saying there is ‘something really twisted about that girl’ and adding that Heard is a ‘lot of trouble’, the Daily Mail reports.
Del Toro made the shocking accusation despite admitting he didn’t ‘know the specifics’ of the situation, going on to describe his Fear And Loathing In Las Vegasco-star Depp as ‘a nice guy, very caring, very smart’.
 He told the New York Daily News:
        What I know, there’s a lot of trouble from the girl that sounds a little manipulative.
It sounds a little bit like there’s something really twisted about that girl … but I don’t know the specifics.
Del Toro also criticised Heard’s decision to file quickly on from the death of Depp’s mother and speculated about her motives.
He said:
          It seems the fact that his mom passed away and she filed for divorce two days later and then she wants money and she’s saying she got hit, it’s almost like, wait, I saw them not too long ago. Maybe it was January, a dinner for the Oscars or something like that. He was there with her and they were fine.
Heard, Depp and del Toro were also photographed together in November at the Hollywood Film Awards in LA.

The actor may want to lawyer up after making the comments, though – Heard has filed a lawsuit against Depp’s friend Doug Stanhope for allegedly accusing her of blackmail and manipulation.
But while a friend of Depp’s is coming to his defense, a friend of Heard’s is coming to hers.
In a piece published on Refinery 29, a mutual friend of Heard and Depp, iO Tillett Wright wrote:
       The reports of violence started with a kick on a private plane, then it was shoves and the occasional punch, until finally, in December, she described an all-out assault and she woke up with her pillow covered in blood.
I know this because I went to their house. I saw the pillow with my own eyes. I saw the busted lip and the clumps of hair on the floor. I got the phone call immediately after it happened, her screaming and crying, a stoic woman reduced to sobs.
Either way, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the truth, and we may not know for sure until it’s taken to court.

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