Kid Crawled Onto 200 ft Ledge, But His Movie-Editor Dad ENCOURAGES Him To Keep Pushing The Limit!

Playing with kids is an awesome part of babysitting and/or parenting. And the account Action Movie Kid, created and managed by filmmaker Daniel Hashimoto, has taken that idea to an entirely new level.

Action Movie Kid - Volume 01
In this featured, we see a compilation of James (Daniel’s son) Hashimoto’s craziest adventures. He goes from sailing the high seas to jumping over lava and whipping out light sabers in the middle of Target.

Action Movie Kid - Volume 2
By using digital animation, he transforms backgrounds into high-risk and dangerous situations… which his son takes on with admirable courage. It’s really amazing how realistic the scenes are. With extreme settings, this kid has the time of his life showing off his bravery and strength. What an amazing way to bond!

Action Movie Kid - Volume 3
While some bond with their kids by playing catch, these two use incredible amounts of creativity to have fun together.

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