The twin popped her balloon on purpose. When the mom finds out why, her heart swells.

Mother of twins, Brooke Whitfield, shared a story on Facebook about her daughters that will bring a tear to your eye. Sometimes kids can teach us a thing or two about compassion.

    "Our six-year-old daughter has autism and her twin sister does not. They had both been looking forward to going to the dentist all week because they knew they would get balloons. On the way to our car, our daughter's balloon brushed against a bush and popped. She was in tears...standing there with body wracking sobs. Her twin sister stood there for a moment looking at her. Without a word she grabbed the string of her balloon, stepped towards the bush and jerked the string. Her balloon popped. She held the string with her broken balloon out towards her heartbroken sister. She never said a word or made a sound while holding her popped balloon out towards her. Our daughter quieted down and we all quietly walked to the car. My husband and I knew the sacrifice our child just made. We saw just how deeply her love for her sister is. We saw her being her sister's self appointed protector.

    On the way home we stopped at the store and much to both girls' delight, they got new balloons. After we got home I quietly asked why she popped her balloon on purpose. She said, 'My sister was sad.' And with that she ran outside to play."

The bond between these twins is truly something special!

[Source: facebook]

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