A group of young men are making a big impact in their community one lawn at a…

 A group of young men are making a big impact in their community one lawn at a time in Huntsville, Alabama.
The Raising Men Lawn Care Service is a group dedicated to helping the disabled, elderly, and single moms in Huntsville and nearby cities by providing an entirely free lawn care service. The organization meets with individuals in communities that may need help, and works multiple weeks every month to ensure that their lawns are looking lush.
 Hooked up to medical equipment as she sat in her chair, the old woman explained to the men how she was on a fixed income and could not afford to have her lawn maintained. To make matters worse, the woman explained how her neighbor is currently mowing the lawn for her and “harasses her for the payment.”
For individuals like this elderly woman who are on a limited income, getting through the week can become a very stressful situation when you do not even know if you can afford the medicine you need to stay healthy.
Financial crimes against the elderly occur at an alarming rate, and are often overlooked or forgotten about. It is hard to believe there are people in this world that would take advantage of an old woman that is already burdened financially, but as seen in this story, even some neighbors would harass those at a disadvantage to try and make a quick dollar.
As seen above, a recent picture on the organization’s Facebook page shows the happy faces of two men standing beside the elderly woman they have helped.
 Lucky for her, the Raising Men Lawn Care Service sympathizes with those who may be in a tough situation, and they provide their free lawn care service as a means helping communities in whatever way they can.
Rodney Smith Jr., founder of this organization, is a college student who cuts grass for the under-served in his free time. Having completed 125 lawns and counting, Rodney created the Raising Men Lawn Care Service as a means of reaching out to local youth and offering them a place where they can come together to help local communities.
During a time when poverty has led to terrifying incidents of violence and crime in our nation, organizations like the Raising Men Lawn Care Service are invigorating the inherent camaraderie and positive spirit of communities.
By seeing the impact their contributions have on these communities, members of this organization feel a sense of purpose, appreciation, and accomplishment for their selfless acts.
The picture posted by the Raising Men Lawn Care Service takes us inside a beautiful moment shared by people that were otherwise strangers. No longer worried about how she will afford her lawn care services, this woman can focus on receiving the medications she needs.
Organizations led by people like Rodney are tackling these social problems one community at a time, and by supporting these groups, we can contribute to improving living conditions for people all over the nation.
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