'93yr Mum' Brexit Tweet Brightens Up Referendum Day

If you’re a social media user then chances are today you’ve been buried in Brexit / Remain statuses, tweets, and all things referendum.
If you’re a serial social media junkie, then chances are you probably noticed ’93yr mum’ trending like wildfire across the four eternal corners of Twitter.
And by wildfire, I mean not only was ’93yr mum’ trending, but so was ‘took 93’, ‘my 93’, and ‘Keith’. But who exactly is Keith?
This is Keith:

‘Keith’, also known as Keith Adams, is the founding pillar of this Brexit infused tweet that essentially irritated the fuck out of Twitter users everywhere, and resulted in some serious parody action.

But first, let me show you the immediate swarm of crazed, cynical tweeters who reacted in their thousands to the tweet: 

Yeah, people weren’t buying it.

But, of course, Keith being Keith, didn’t delete the tweet, or admit he was wrong, or even just ignore that this shitstorm had ever happened.

Instead, he went well out of his way to back himself up. However, he entirely failed to actually successfully back himself up at all: 

Apparently, his original tweet went mega viral so quickly because it was picked up by prominent pro-Brexit campaigners, Lord Ashcroft and Louise Mensch. 

In the meantime, this story massively spiralled out of control, as innumerable parody tweets came driving out of Keith’s abyss: 

But Keith’s too busy setting up his new, and first, blog to care: 

And he’s only gone and bloody done it too: 
Click the link for a thrilling read – alternatively, we’ve got some of our favourite quotes here, which include Keith, somewhat, admitting he lied:

What happened this morning when she voted and did it break electoral law? When we arrived at the polling station, there was a small queue, maybe 8 to 10 people in front of us.

We approached the desk, I handed over Mum’s polling card and after they found her on the register they asked her to confirm her name and handed her a ballot paper already folded in half. 

I asked if I could take her to the polling booth and was told I could. I took Mums arm to the booth and stepped back about 2 metres.

At this point she turned and asked me which box was for out. I told her and at no time did any of the officials, who were only 2 metres away, query anything.

Now………. I DID over egg the cheer, it was more of smiles, nodding heads and murmurings. So for that I apologise and accept a guilty verdict.

Smiles, nodding heads, and murmuring – sounds like a pretty normal queue to me, Keith.
However, he did offer an apology.
At the end of the day, Keith probably should’ve just deleted the original tweet as soon as things spiralled into the extraordinary, instead of digging himself an innumerable hole into the deep.
Although it does stand as quite a miserable reminder of the times that, on perhaps the most important and monumental day of our generation, the vote to leave or remain in the EU, the thing that makes global headlines is one man’s viral tweet.
The power of social media is terrifying…

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