8th Grader Delivers A Graduation Speech, But Everyone's SHOCKED When He Does This...

It’s always an honor getting a commencement speech from someone well-known and hard-to-reach. Presidents and politicians are ranked way up there a couple notches down from the ultimate speaker, Beyonce (but who has ever successfully swung that?). So it was quite an honor when all the 2016 Presidential candidates made it in the middle of a busy election year to come to Thomas Middle School’s graduation.
The likes of President Obama and even Bernie Sanders graced the stage, brought there via John Aiello, the actual speaker. Aiello had me in stitches and even had me feeling a bit of a soft spot for our favorite cheeto-colored candidate. No matter how you feel about any of the candidates this season, you’re guaranteed a good laugh watching this. A YouTube commenter asked, “Why isn’t he on SNL already?” Well, he’s gotta make it through high school first.
[Source: Youtube]
[Source: John Aiello]

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