8-Year-Old Has Celebrated His Last Two Birthdays Alone. Then 7 Cops Show Up And Do THIS

 Even the smallest act of kindness could make the biggest difference.
Daniel Nicastro, a boy with autism, has experienced two birthdays where nobody showed up to celebrate with him. So for his upcoming birthday, his parents Dan and Carolyn promised him that this year would be different.
 In preparation for their son’s big day, this couple visited the North Port Police Department, not to report a crime, but to invite them all to celebrate Daniel’s birthday with them. Their son always looked up to superheroes, and the men in blue were everyday heroes.
Little did these parents know, the North Port Police Department was planning to give their little boy the most memorable birthday of his life!
After Daniel’s birthday, Carolyn shared:
“It was my son Daniel’s 8th birthday. No one called to say they were coming to his birthday party. Both myself and his father were heartbroken (it’s happened before). He absolutely adores the police and calls all of you his Super Heroes. He is autistic so making friends is extremely difficult for him. His father (Dan) and I remembered the past 2 years of no one showing up for his birthday parties, he would spend the day crying that he had no friends. We could not let that happen again. So when it came closer to the day of his party and nobody called, we decided to be proactive and bring invitations to the police department. We were not given any promises. We just hoped. Daniel had no idea. While playing with his cousin Adam Sunday at McKibben Park, he saw a large line of police cars coming down the road. He was so excited! His favorite friends came to his party. He is still talking about it being the best birthday ever! Thank you North Port Police Department. You made my son’s birthday extra special with his favorite super heroes!”
If you thought the story ended there, you’re wrong. The North Port PD organized a huge community party to help the town. They posted on Facebook:
“We are going to keep the love flowing. Volunteers with the North Port Police Department are currently organizing a community birthday bash for not just Daniel, but any other child in our community who has felt left out. We want all our kids to know how special they are and see how much our community cares for them.”
What these police officers did for Daniel is a beautiful example to all. They don’t wear capes, but they saved one boy’s day. Let their story continue to inspire the world!
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